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Body Coach™

Body Coach™ Smart Push Up Board

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Push-ups are among the most effective exercises in the world to build muscle mass - if practiced right. This power press push-up machine allows you to place your hands differently to focus more on one muscle group while constantly training your core and legs.

The secret to muscle growth is that you need to raise the bar each training. Unlike any other push-up board on the market, this one has a digital counter with an infrared sensor to keep score automatically. Try to do three sets, like 25 - 20 - 17 reps, with a pause in between. Just write down your daily scores and try to beat your previous score; it's that easy!

✔ World's #1 Push-Up Coach – The Body Coach® Smart Push Up Board has a unique training layout. With a fantastic team of professional athletes, we improved and developed the handle layout design to perfection. This gives you the most effective push-ups for a complete upper-body transformation. 

✔ The Holy Grail of Exercise  – Push-ups are regarded as the holy grail of exercise for upper body strength. It activates almost every muscle in your body and thus increases whole-body muscle definition. It enhances your cardiovascular system, improves your posture, prevents shoulder and lower back injuries, and many other benefits.

✔ High-Quality Materials – The entire power press push-up machine, handles included, is made from high-strength and thick ABS plastic, designed for durability and longevity. We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and 2 Years Limited Warranty. 

✔ With a Digital Counter – In contrast to all other push-up boards in the market, this unique pushup machine comes with an infrared sensor! This enables a digital counter and timer, to perfectly track your workout progress in real-time! FOCUS 100% on your push-ups (and breathing right), and start to crush those fitness goals for good now! 

✔ Get the Results You Desire – This simple but extremely effective device can really transform your - for anyone of any fitness level. 

It can help you build muscle, burn fat, and tone your upper body. In the beginning, you can use your knees instead of your feet. As you level up, increase its intensity by placing your feet higher.

✔ Work Out Anywhere – The Body Coach® Smart Push Up Board can be folded to be stored easily or take with you wherever you want to exercise. It fits any regular backpack. 

BEWARE: Push Up Boards can only be used on flat surfaces, like pavements, tiles, parquet or laminate, etc. If underground is wobbly this greatly reduces the strength of this device due to its collapsable nature.



Dimensions (Folded): 15x8x1.8 inch {39x19.7x4.6cm}

Dimensions (Open): 30.7x7.8x0.9 inch {78x19.7x2.3cm}

Total Weight: 3.2 lb {1480g}

Dry Weight: 2.9 lb {1320g} • (total without box) 

Material: High-strength ABS

Batteries: 2x AAA 1.5V

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Geovanny Orellana

Works great. I don't do the extra cardio or plyo exercises they show in the chart as I have a separate routine for that. Keep my heart below 130 to keep exercises anaerobic on muscle focus days to generate lean muscle mass and aerobic on off days. After 3 weeks of 4 workout sessions per week, strength and definition is returning as well as number of sets and reps. After almost a year of no exercise due motorcycle accident that left me with a cracked humerus, I needed something to ease back into strength training. Great system and customizable to your needs.

Andres Munoz

I use it 4 times a week. It's a game changer


Pretty sturdy piece of equipment, the range of options make exercising more enjoyable. Solid product.


Works exactly what it says it will!!Great investment!


A birthday gift for my 70+ year old husband who is very fit conscious. He loves it - the variety of positions for push ups and the exercise plan that came with it. With no gyms open, he still get a complete workout.


Really good product. I have wrist issues and although there is some pressure on your wrists, this helps a lot. I also like that it shows what push-ups to do for different upper body parts. Overall, very happy I purchased this product.


This thing produces real good results. Whether you're a beginner or experienced this is a must have. I personally like using free-weights and calisthenics so this is a bug plus